Hydraskin advance aesthetics

What is Hydraskin?

The evolution of scientific research has allowed the creation of Bio HydraSkin is an avant-garde system that arises from the evolution of scientific research. This system combines 4 Hydra-dermabrasion technologies, Ultrasonic spatula, Hyper-baric oxygen and PDT Mask, each one characterized by the effectiveness in the Hydra-dermabrasion treatment Peeling by water pressure, uses the natural power of water and oxygen to exfoliate effortlessly, it also has the ability to provide deep hydration.

Ultrasonic Peeling

Ultrasonic peeling is that aesthetic treatment that fights impurities in the skin, especially on the outer surface of the facial tissue.

Hydra Dermabrasion

Dermabrasion is a type of surgical skin smoothing, usually with the goal of removing acne, scars, and other skin or tissue irregularities.

Oxygen Therapy

This treatment is designed to nourish the skin and promote collagen grown. The oxygen is infused with vitamins, minerals, essential nutrients and botanical extracts.

Led Mask

It encourages the production of collagen and elastin to repair damaged tissues, reduce wrinkles, fine lines and dark circles. Thus, it increases the elasticity of the skin and restores its firmness and vitaly.

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